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Cornerstone Remodeling Gives Back

Cornerstone Remodeling Gives Back One of the reasons Cornerstone Remodeling exists is that Nathan McGranahan & Aaron Shaul are deeply committed to helping the needy, lost, and hurting. Coming from that vision, 'Cornerstone Gives Back' was born. The purpose of this initiative is to serve people here in Omaha, as well as around the world.

Projects involved with in Omaha include Step Out, Royal Family Kids Camp, Open Door Mission, and Habitat for Humanity.

YouthBuild - A program of Goodwill that provides opportunities to disadvantaged youth. Cornerstone has joined YouthBuild and Habitat for Humanity in building a house for a low-income family.

Two of the global projects currently involved with are:

Cornerstone Remodeling Gives Back Dominican Republic - In October, Aaron & Nathan led a team from Brookside Church to do service work in the Dominican Republic. While there, the team served Miguel and Kristen Shaul by working on their house and assisting with the church planting ministry. The trip was physically demanding, but it was a great opportunity to help. They intend to return this summer.

Zambia - The Hope Center in Zambia, a project of Brookside Church, is a care center for AIDS orphans. Zambia is a country struggling with a sky-rocketing AIDS problem, one of the highest orphan rates in the world, and extreme poverty. Aaron has been able to travel there several times assisting the local pastors in their ministry, doing construction work on the facility, and showing God's love in a practical way to kids who desperately need it. Cornerstone hopes that by assisting with the Hope Center, lives can be saved and children be given a future. To learn more, click here.

Click here to view a photo slideshow of our mission trips.