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Items to consider:
  1. Determine what you really want in advance. What are your basic priorities and the goals for what you want your remodel to achieve? Write these items down on paper for future reference.
  2. Cut pictures from magazines and articles on remodeling. Find pictures online and bookmark or print them out. Make any notes or questions you have and about the various products and designs that you are potentially interested in.
  3. Determine a budget range. Your budget will ultimately decide what you can do and how you will go about doing it. How much do you want to spend?
  4. Consider how you will finance the project. Determine if you will pay cash, home improvement loan, home equity line of credit, re-finance, or take out a second mortgage.
  5. Call Cornerstone Remodeling, Inc. to set up an appointment at 402-598-1410 or use the online request form.
Cornerstone is licensed and insured in the Omaha, NE area; we carry liability and workers comp insurance.
You can request an appointment online, or call at 402-598-1410.
Rates for our jobs vary due to the type of work being performed and the number of hours and materials needed (ex. - skilled trim work is a higher rate than drywall repair). When a project is smaller, it generally can be charged at our hourly rate. If a project is larger, we will be glad to provide a quote.
We pride ourselves on doing a high quality job at a competitive price. We're probably not going to be the cheapest, but most likely not the most expensive contractor either. Our rates tend to fall somewhere in the middle - quality at a competitive price.
Cornerstone charges a $75 initial consultation/estimating fee, which is credited back to you when you hire us. This fee is happily waived for repeat customers.
Cornerstone is primarily a residential remodeling company, but we also work in various restaurants and offices around town.
Our scope of work includes everything from small home improvement projects, to kitchens and bathrooms and decks, to basement finishes and additions. View our online gallery to see before and after photos and other completed projects.
Cornerstone accepts checks, cash, and major credit cards.
Schedules will vary by location and time of year so it's best to contact us for current information. When busy, we can be 2-4 months out from starting a new project.
Yes. We call that sweat equity. This allows the homeowner to save money by doing some of the work such as demo, painting, etc. However, we insist on performing the work on the structural and mechanical aspects of the job. Some of these would be framing, electrical and plumbing work. If sweat equity is something you would be interested in, let us know. When we give you our estimate, we will also tell you how much can be saved if you do some of the work yourself.
Yes. Cornerstone includes a 1-year warranty on the work performed. Besides that, most of the materials carry a substantial warranty themselves. We stand behind our quality workmanship on every project. We will be available at project completion and beyond to address any questions or concerns.
We go to great lengths to be professional and friendly. We understand that undertaking a remodeling project in your home is disruptive to your schedule and life, so we try to contain our dust and mess as much as possible. You will find everyone who comes into your home to be respectful and helpful in answering your questions. We seek to keep the worksite as safe as possible and clean up after ourselves. All employees have excellent backgrounds and work with integrity. In fact, we have heard from many of our clients that they are sad to see us move on to another project.